2017 Hole-in-One Record

Dave AllocoAugust 7th, 2017VictorNorth# 2 and # 11 / White Tees
5 hybrid and 8 ironMel Kahler and Terry Bluhm
Brian GriebnerJune 30th, 2017IrondequoitNorth#2 / White Tees7 ironDave Brown, Mark Franklin and Rick DiStefano
Gordan WhitehairJuly 3rd, 2017VictorNorth#2 / White TeesNeed InfoBill Outlaw,Greg Suraci, Ralph Davis, Dick Glidden
Kevin WelcJuly 15th, 2017PerintonSouth#18 / White TeesNeed InfoNeed Info
Anthony MilitelloAugust 11th, 2017East RochesterNorth#16 / White Tees8 ironNeed Info
Thai NGuyenAugust 13th, 2017PittsfordNorth# 16 / White Tees6 ironRobert Greisy and T. Hackett
Christine HartAugust 25th, 2017RochesterEast#8 / Red TeesPWUpward Yaeger, Kim Montois, Carolyn Tinling
Jack PickeringAugust 29th, 2017PittsfordNorth#2 / Gold Tees6 ironNeed Info
Michael M. TaylorSeptember 19th, 2017PenfieldSouth# 11 / White Tees6 ironJim Hartz and Bruce Treat