2018 Hole-in-One Record

Tom McGinnisMay 12th, 2018
FarmingtonEast#13 White Tees7 IronRenee Swift and Donald Dianetti
Stephen Betler Jr.May 11th, 2018FairportSouth#8 White TeesPitching WedgeSteve Betler, Roger Dunham and Dave DeLaus
Jon FreitagMay 18th, 2018NANorth#2 White Tees7 IronNA
Hans KragelMay 23rd, 2018Ontario, CanadaEast#6 White Tees4 HybridMercedes Kragel
Mark BankerJune 5th, 2018PalmyraNorth#11 White Tees9 IronTyler Marlow
Jeremy SnyderJune 15th, 2018BrightonSouth#18 White TeesDriverBrian and Steve Kasprazak, Tim Canton
Bob FentonJuly 7th, 2018WebsterSouth#11 White Tees8 IronJohn Resch and Tom Franks
Terry DaumJuly 15th, 2018BloomfieldSouth#18 Red Tees7 WoodChris Daum and Bob Zinter
Bob KalerSeptember 8th, 2018WebsterEast#8 White Tees9 IronBob Meiers, John Wyand and Sue Wyand
Paul KellerOctober 10th, 2018PittsfordEast#6 Gold Tees9 IronMike, Dave and John Mansfield