2021 Hole-In-One Record

Tom ReedApril 14thVictorNorthHole # 8
Gold Tees
9 IronCarl Olsen, Jim Gashlin and Ted Heyman
Kae Y LeeMay 11thBrightonNorthHole # 16
Gold Tees
9 WoodGreg Zaccardo and Curt Anderson
Michael B LazzaroMay 13thPittsfordExecutiveHole # 8
Back Tees
7 IronMargaret Fontaine
Mike TrostMay 15thHoneoye FallsNorthHole # 2
Gold Tees
4 HybridTom Reed and Tom Shea
Norma WeissandMay 22ndGorhamNorthHole # 8
Red Tees
Pitching WedgeLinda Stanley
Ethan DomajnkoJune 4thVictorNorthHole # 8
Red Tees
50 Degree WedgeCaleb Scorsone
Kevin DelcourJune 16thFairportEastHole # 14
Gold Tees
Pitching WedgeDon Tantalo
Dave TroianiJune 20thPittsfordEastHole #14
White Tees
8 IronDan Esterman, Ed Lalor and Jeff Ashline
Ron RoachJuly 2ndPittsfordEastHole # 8
White Tees
8 IronTim Tyler
Ernie TaorminaJuly 24thPenfieldEastHole #6
White Tees
6 IronRich Bellrose and Mike White
Mike SchaffronAugust 9thFairportNorthHole #11
Gold Tees
8 IronTim Keef, Charlie Volo and Tom Klaseus
Mark CunninghamAugust 10thCanandaiguSouthHole #2
White Tees
7 WoodBob Fantone and Terry Bluhm