2022 Hole-In-One Record

Peter WalshMay 8thHoneoye FallsNorth16 White Tees9 IronJames Walsh, Bob Vangorden and Steve Gerrand
Julie SpychalskiJune 25thSan Diego, CAEast13 Red Tees7 IronDJ Spychalski, Dominic Spychalski and Dave Spychalski
Bob PhillipsJune 28thFarmingtonEast8 White Tees9 IronChris Trageser, Kevin Welc and Johm Mulac
Kathleen AreinoJune 30thRochesterSouth8 Red Tees6 IronJan Costello, Kathy White and Rena Faulkner
Sally SchuthJuly 4thPittsfordSouth8 Red Tees9 IronEllen Lambert and Jess Holland
Wendy WrightJuly 9thFairportNorth16 Red Tees5 HybridUrsula Sulzbach, Julie O'Neill and Kathy Arieno.
Carol CarlsenAugust 11thFairportEast6 Red TeesDriverMarianne Michaud and Pat Horn
Erik RiceAugust 27thGenevaEast8 White Tees9 IronBobby Sollenne, Isiah Merced and Jamie Garcia.
Jim FrameSeptember 11thFairportSouth8 Gold TeesGap wedgeConor Flynn, Calder Flynn and Jarrett Abelson.
Frank AbreauNovember 2ndMendonNorth16 Gold Tees8 IronMike Jaskulski