2023 Hole – In – One Record

Edward KoslowskiApril 27thCanandaiguaNorth#2 Red TeesRescue #5Jack O'Conner, Bob Fantone and Mark Cunningham
Seth WarrenMay 10thBloomfieldNorth#16 White Tees7 Iron-woodNick Knebel, Tyler Pratt and Trevor Hawkins
Jeff CseploMay 15thGatesEast#6 White Tees7 WoodSam Hall, Tom Ausfeld and Torie Diceasar
Michele MillerJune 4thRochesterSouth#2 Red Tees7 IronMonique Mate and Dan Feder
Mark SomersJune 19thHoneoye FallsEast#8 White Tees9 IronSteve Lamarco
Evan CallinJune 16thVictorExecutive#7 White TeesPitching WedgeCarter Callin, Randall Callin and Bill Keane.
Greg ZaccardoJune 20thPenfieldEast#8 Gold TeesGap WedgeJim Schenkel, Gene Wolfe and Keith Goldstein
David DillonJuly 23rdVictorSouth#2 White Tees6 IronBill Zeccola and Sue Zeccola
Andrew LazioJuly 23rdFairportSouth#15 White TeesDriverMark Hellinschmitt
Max MavesAugust 8thFarmingtonEast#13 Gold TeesPitching WedgeCurt Anderson, Collin Stevens and Mike Vernarelli
Jon McConnellAugust 23rdVictorEast#13 White Tees8 IronDan Freeman, Thein and Al Goodwin
Chris HerpichAugust 24thFarmingtonEast#14 White TeesPitching WedgeChase Mastro, John Simmons, Hayden Gleason and Josh Brewer
Gary McKennaSeptember 12thFairportNorth#11 Gold Tees9 IronBill Barron, Julio Ferreira and Stan Daskiewich
Steve BetlerOctober 6thFairportSouth#11 White Tees7 IronRoger Dunham