Group and Multi Year Memberships

Group Membership2022
2 People$1540 per person
3 People$1485 per person
4 People$1430 per person
5 or more People$1375 per person
All Multi Year Memberships Have a " Schedual of Residual Value" in the Event of Death or Illness2022
Single Membership
5 Year with Cart$5500
Couples Membership2022
3 Year with Cart$5775
5 Year with Cart$8800
5 Year (no cart)$6050
Two Person Family2022
3 Year with Cart$6600
5 Year with Cart$9900
5 Year (no cart)$6875
Three Person Family2022
3 Year with Cart$7590
5 Year with Cart$11000
5 Year (no cart)$7975
Four Person Family2022
3 Year with Cart$7975
5 Year with Cart$12100
5 Year (no cart)$8525