Special Achievements

Dave Alloco, playing with the Member based Carl Ricci Memorial Golf League, incredibly holed out the 2nd and 11th holes at Victor Hills Golf Club. This feat was achieved on August 7th, 2017 while playing in the CRMG League on the North Course. On #2 at 158 yards Dave used a 5 hybrid to make the ace. On #11 Dave used an 8 iron at 135 yards. League members playing with Dave that day were Mel Kahler and Terry Bluhm who witnessed the two aces. Other members of their league are Tom Baxter, Mike Bozza, Chris Chatterton, Jerry Cilento, Mike Clancy, Charlie Criss, Mark Cunningham, Donald Cusimano, Robert DiBerardinis, Joe Diego, Charlie DiPrima, Bob Fantone, Robert Graham, Dennis Greco, John Haack, Len Maiorani, Sam Poletta, Joe Ricotta, Tony Santarone, Bill Schirmer, Victor Siesto, Joe Tedesco, Clarence Tierney and Dennis Travato. The CRMG League plays 18 holes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is one for the history books at Victor Hills. Congratulations Dave.